Septic, Sewer, Waterline Repairs & Installation

Flowing with Excellence: Your Reliable Sewer and Waterline Services in Barrie,ON

Septic Systems Installation

  • Septic system designs

  • Septic system installs

  • Advanced treatment systems

  • Decommission septic system

  • Commercial & Residential

Emergency waterline repairs and installation

Waterline Repairs & Installation

  • Connection of new waterlines from city water main

  • Repair & replace damaged waterlines

  • Galvanized waterline replacement

  • Installation of water & sewer services for auxiliary buildings

Sewer Repairs & Installation

  • Connection of new sewer lateral from city sewer main

  • Repair & replace damaged sewer

  • Installation of sewer services for auxiliary buildings

Sewer line installation and repair trench
Storm water management installation Barrie, ON

Storm Water Management

  • Storm water management designs

  • Storm water management installs

  • ADS Pipe Canada systems

  • ACO Stormbrixx systems

Site Development

  • Top soil stripping

  • Sanitary and Water Mains

  • Storm Water Management

  • Roadworks

  • Etc.

site development installing sanitary and water mains
Sewer line full of roots that needed replacement in Barrie,ON

Repairs & Replacements

  • Tree root damages

  • Collapsed pipe repair

  • Corroded pipe repair

  • Aging infrastructure

  • Negative slope causing backups

Our Story

In 2015, Brady & Kristy established the BK Companies in Barrie, ON due to the common struggle among homeowners, real estate investors, and developers in finding a reliable company to handle sewer and water line issues, as well as installing new services on their property within their budget and timeline. To address this issue, they took matters into their own hands and purchased the necessary heavy equipment to perform the work themselves. Today, their team is proficient in both public and private property services, ensuring that all tasks are completed with utmost safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

BK Water & Sewer are experts in various sub-grade aspects of construction, including septic design and installation, site servicing and development, stormwater management systems, sewer and water line repairs, and more. They are capable of handling projects of any size, big or small, and are willing to take on tasks with budgets of up to $2,000,000. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the field allow them to provide top-quality services to their clients while ensuring that all work is done safely, on time, and on budget.

Brady McDonald owner of BK Water & Sewer installation and repair services company in Barrie ON
Meet the team at BK Water & Sewer installation and repair services company in Barrie ON
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